Learning Spanish

Embarking on the journey of learning a new language often starts with finding a trustworthy teacher and taking that leap of faith to begin the learning process. It's natural to be filled with questions and uncertainties: Will I ever be fluent? Is it worth the effort? What if progress is slow?

Having taught Spanish and English for over 15 years, I've encountered these doubts countless times. One of the most common queries I receive is, "How long will it take to speak like a native?" My response has always been simple: trust the process.

Before the era of COVID-19, my teaching predominantly took place in traditional classroom settings. However, the pandemic shifted the landscape, pushing us towards online education. Despite the challenges, this transition opened doors to a global classroom. From Barcelona, I've connected with students from Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, Canada, the Netherlands, Egypt, and beyond. It has been nothing short of incredible.

Now, almost four years into this journey, I continue to welcome students from diverse corners of the globe. Yet, the limitations of time zones and the overwhelming demand for classes posed a dilemma. I pondered over how to cater to countless students, irrespective of their time zones. That's when I discovered Moodle-based classes—a remarkable platform offering flexibility and accessibility.

I've taken the plunge to develop my own courses on Moodle, empowering my students to learn Spanish at their own pace, wherever they may be. Rest assured, I'll be there every step of the way, guiding and supporting each learner on their language learning journey.

Let's embark on this adventure together—because with dedication and the right guidance, fluency is within reach.

Warm regards,

Farzaneh Faridi

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